We packed so much into this box that we had to take two pictures.   This box is meant to put a smile of your college student's face and remind them that you miss them.  And the box gives you the option to customize so you can pick their favorites!  Why the spoon?  Because that is how they will want to eat the Honeysuckle Acres Creamed Honey!  And, it's good for them!

Included is the following:


Backroads Country Gummies -- your choice

Backroads Country Snack Mix -- your choice

Boxed Candy -- Your choice

Boxed Candy -- Your Choice

Hammonds Licorice -- Black or Strawberry

Hammonds Lollipop -- Your Choice

Hermann Wurst Haus Snack Sticks

Honeysuckle Acres -- Your Choice of Flavor

One Bar

Bob's Red Mill Oat Bar

Jelly Bellies

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Jolly Ranchers


Gift Box -- College Care Package -- I miss you!

Backroad Country
Boxed Candy
Hammonds Licorice
HWH Snack Sticks
Claey's Candy
Boxed Candy2