Fleur de la Vallee is a washed rind cheese with a semi-soft velvety smooth paste which melts in the mouth. The complex and full bodied flavor notes bring reminiscents to the pallet of toasted bread with butter, meaty bacon and eggs, and faint notes of toasted onion which all provide a depth of rich flavors that burst in the mouth.


The aroma of this cheese is also rich with complex notes of fermented wheat, barley, hops and yeast which combine with a sweet aromatic blend of fragrant bliss. This cheese may be made with 100% goat milk or a combination of sheep and goat milk depending on season. The 100% goat milk version has won several awards including: American Cheese Society 1st in 2011 and 2nd in 2010. World Cheese Awards bronze in 2010


Weight: 3 lbs

Fleur de la Vallee (Must be ordered in advance)