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First Pumpkins then Passion now Purpose

My name is Deborah.  I guess you could say I'm the "crazy person" behind this new adventure of ours.   While the farm is not new to us, this endeavor of a farmers market/general store is.  

We purchased our farm in the fall of 2011.  It was "love at first sight".  My husband and I, as well as my mom and our boys, walked away from the first viewing knowing it is what we wanted.  Our daughter was off at college and was shocked when we told her "we bought a farm"!

At the time, my youngest son was 6 years old.  He thought it would be fun to plant a garden.   While I had been exposed to gardens throughout my childhood through my parents and grandparents, I had never planted my own.   I was up for the challenge so off we went to plant a garden.   We started with pumpkins, squash (family favorite), tomatoes and a few other things.  Soon the pumpkins had taken over the entire garden including growing up and over the fence.  So I learned my first gardening lesson........spread out the vines.  I also quickly learned that I had a passion for gardening.

So as the years continued, we experimented with more things, some successful and some not.   Gardening is work; it is not fun all the time. But when those plants start to produce, it is amazing to realize you are apart of nature, God's world and bringing something healthy and sustainable to your family.  Now our mission is to share that with you.

So back to crazy me.  Yes I walked away from a solid career at the age of 48.  The company I worked for was full of amazing people, however, the hours and stress had gotten the best of me and it was evident to me in how I felt every single day.   I had lost purpose and struggled with having any meaning in my life.   Honestly, when I resigned from my position in mid-December, all of this was not planned, actually not at all.    While I always had a dream of spending more time on my passion, the goal was to take some time off and reevaluate. 

I had not even finished up my last day which was January 31st and things started falling into place with our endeavor.   Then, on January 28th (3 days before my last day) my husband had a massive heart attack.   Well that was an eye opener as well.   We were fortunate and he is doing well and our focus is back towards Patterson Family Farms.

Today I'm on a mission to give this dream an opportunity.   What I learned quickly after resigning and starting to let go of the stress is all those cute little sayings on the pictures on the wall are true.......

   Life is Short

   Follow Your Dreams

   Relax and Enjoy

But today, I have purpose again.   We look forward to sharing our "Purpose" with you. 



Wednesday: 10:00 to 6:00 

Thursday: 10:00 to 5:00 

Friday:  10:00 to 5:00 

Saturday:  10:00 to 4:00  

Sunday:  11:00 to 3:00

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