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Justin is our 14-year-old son.   At the age of 6, Justin was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.   Justin was treated and was doing well and was in remission.  However, in the fall of 2015 at the age of 11, Justin’s health took a turn for the worse and he ended up hospitalized.   Thanks to the help of a miracle drug, Remicade, Justin is doing well.  He has continual infusions every 8 weeks but thank goodness they are working.    When you meet Justin, you would never know he has been through this he is always all smiles and positive.


I tell you all of this to explain that his health became part of our motivation for my gardening.   Of course, just because you have healthy food doesn’t mean that you can get your child to eat it.  However, the more of it I have and the more often I can get him to eat it, the better.   Of course, the one thing I would rather him not eat, he loves the most…. HOT SAUCE!  Go figure….


Justin is enjoying our new endeavor such that we call him our “Vice President of Sales”.  He loves telling people about our products.  So I thought featuring his recommended product each week would be fun.   Keep an eye out for these products throughout the store they are marked!

Justin's Story


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